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16 January 2021

Goodies fun book (2)

Inspired by this recent post (by friend of the blog Michael Carroll) I've tracked down both the 'Goodies fun books'. They're quite different beasts - this volumes is aimed at a much younger audience than this volume (which is much more 'adventure' strip orientated).

Anyway, this volume...It's A4 size 52 pages (including covers) with a mix of colour and black & white artwork. I've not included examples of all the material but I've got most of the strips here - they're mainly single page strips - again in contrast to the 'adventure' volume where the strips were often 3 pages long.

This art is signed by 'Fel' who it turns out is Bert Felstead - a veteran of Fleetway nursery titles (says Steve Holland (and one other person) when I posted this query originally).

I've included this pages as an excuse to show a beautiful Basil Reynolds image of a red squirrel

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