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2 October 2016

Facebook group

Just a quick heads up that there's now a facebook group called 'Boys adventure comic blog' where there's the opportunity to meet other fans of the blog and to see some of the stuff that I don't get time to post here. It's a public group, so why not come and join, it'd be great to have you.

Here's Steve MacManus at Orbital comics at the start of September


  1. Hi. I have a Penny Marvel issue 2 from the last decade of the 19th Century. It's real boys own adventure stuff with colonial adventure stories about groups of young men tracking across Africa and getting captured by cannibals etc. I'll post pics another time. But I mentioned this because of in issue 3 of this comic was the very first Sexton Blake story written by Hal Meridith. Well that got me thinking. There are a lot more ,Boys Own Adventure' books than there are comics. For example although the Sexton Blake stories continued in the ' penny dreadful' Union Jack magazine and many other boys own adventure heroes speared in comics, these comics are quite rare and therefore this puts limits on the people who will want to join your group and renter in with the discussions. However if you changed the name of your group to something like ' Boys Own Adventure Stories' then not only me but many others could come tribute with posts and discussions on the boys adventure books such the Sexton Blake collections, The Saint books, Tanzania books, Biggles books, Bulldog Drummond, Raffles, Sherlock Holmes, Richard Hanney, Alan Quatermain, the possibilities are endless. Just a thought.

  2. There are a few auto correct misprints because I am using my phone with a tiny keyboard but we're I say Tanzania books I meant to type Tanzan books. It just autocorrected again to Tanzania.

  3. Hi Stan, thanks for taking the time to post your comment. The aim of the blog is to look at boys adventure (so not war comics of the '70s) comics from the 1950s up until today. But I'd be more than happy to accommodate guest postings on Sexton Blake etc. so if you think you could contribute something just let me know.