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5 October 2016

Ravette (3) - Sonic the Hedgehog

Ravette published 2 Sonic the Hedgehog reprint volumes, this is the first one (from 1994)

You get 28 pages of "Sonic the hedgehog beats the badniks" reprinted from Sonic comics published by Fleetway.

The cover is a slight adaptation of the cover used for issue 3 of the comic (see below).

Stories are as follows:
1. Enter: Sonic [reprinted from issue 1]
2. Robofox [from issue 2]
3. Mayhem in the marble zone [from issue 3]
4. Day of the badniks [from issue 4]

Creators involved include Mark Millar, Tom Frame, Woodrow Phoenix, Ed Hillyer, Casanovas and Nigel Kitching.

So that's the Mark Millar MBE then. It wasn't his only work for Sonic the comic as we shall soon see.

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