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7 October 2016

Ravette (5) - Streets of rage

After the sedate adventures of a spinning blue hedgehog we now turn our attention to a slightly different proposition

with a cover adapted from issue 7 of Sonic the Comic [STC], yes, it's Streets of rage - bad city fighters.

Streets of Rage initially ran from issue 7-12 of STC and it's those 6 issues that are reprinted here. To be honest I'm not sure what this story is doing in the pages of Sonic.
According to
The story (in which Axel, Blaze, and Max quit the highly corrupt police force to do more good as vigilantes, taking down Max's ex-partner, the crime lord and martial artist Hawk) is based on the video game Streets of Rage 2.

Really this is so much more violent than anything that ever featured that blue hedgehog, well worth picking up. On the other hand, this is quite hard to find, laughably, have 4 copies listed all at just under $1000 (each, obviously). Happy hunting!

Scripted by Mark Millar MBE, illustrated by Peter Richardson, lettering by Tom Frame

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