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13 April 2020

Action Man annual 1985

I'm always interested in a Fleetway annual - this is an interesting one as it's not associated with a contemporary comic...

The artists used are a cut what you might expect from a 'spin-off' annual and some of the contents look like it's been recycled from the Fleetway vaults (having been printed elsewhere before)...

Looks like Graham Coton in the inside front page

...and then we're straight into some Jim Watson art

...and then there's a Joe Colquhoun page...

...Ron Turner then gets 2 pages to illustrate

...This is by Frank Humphris and I'm sure has been printed elsewhere...

Patrick Wright then gets to draw 'a bridge too far'

This is one of two Ian Kennedy strips in the annual

...and then Wilf Hardy draws the end-papers

Plenty of very good artists there and well worth hunting down.

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