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7 April 2020

Lieutenant Blueberry in "Speakeasy" 1988

Following on from my post (here) about the Titan books reprint of the adventures of Lieutenant (Mike) Blueberry, here's another series of Blueberry reprints that you might be less familiar with.

Speakeasy - the self-styled Britain's no.1 comics newspaper - is a great reference point for comic collectors as it's full of interviews, articles and art by a great selection of comics creators.

For 8 issues in 1988 it ran full page reprints of the Blueberry comic strip - the 8 episodes are the start of the story Angel Face; they are the start of chapter 6 in Blueberry book 3 (Angel Face)

Here's a gallery of what the issues each look like... 

Speakeasy #82, January 1988

Speakeasy #83, February 1988

Speakeasy #84, March 1988

Speakeasy #85, April 1988

Speakeasy #86/7, June 1988

Speakeasy #88, July 1988

Speakeasy #89, August 1988

Speakeasy #90, September 1988

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