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18 April 2020

Cartoon Aid - Olympic Book

A while ago (here) I looked at this book/annual which had been produced by the Cartoon Aid charity (it's from the era of Band Aid so it doesn't take much imagination to see where the title came from)...

I've now discovered they produced a further book - entitled 'The Cartoon Aid Olympic Book'. There are 5 colours in the Olympics and there are at least 3 different colour editions of this book. I've only got the red version but I'm assuming that all the books are the same, they just have a different colour cover.

The book doesn't have an introduction or a list of contributors but it is a full colour A4 sized book with hundreds of page long with single image cartons (rather than comic strips) all on the theme of the Olympics. The cartoons come from all over the world so most of the contributors won't be known to you,

Here are some of the cartoons by some British creators...
some  Davy Francis art there

Andy Capp not using the Olympic flame for the purpose for which it was designed

More Davy Francis art

And here's Nigel 'Beano' Parkinson's contribution...the question is whatever happened to Mafia Mouse?

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