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8 April 2020

Rob van de Rovers & Sjakie

I've looked here and here at John Gillatt's unique covers for the Dutch reprints of Billy's Boots...and I've also looked at Dutch Roy of the Rovers reprints in the series here

But that, weirdly, got me wondering if John Gillatt had ever drawn a cover for a Dutch reprint volume that contained Roy and Billy - and, lo and behold, he has... 

There was also at least one other volume featuring Roy and Billy...

and I wonder if this first volume of the Roy reprints is by John? he definitely didn;t do any of the other covers

This looks like another reprint series or comic - from the hair (and artist!) you can tell that this is an early reprint
which comes from here

Billy (or rather, Sjakie) even appears to have had his own football book...

...which is adapted from the cover of volume 13 of the Billy's boots reprints

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