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22 April 2020

UPDATED: Scouse Mouse - an incomplete comics guide

New comics highlighted in red...

One of the first comics I ever blogged about was 'Ace' or 'Scouse Mouse presents Ace!' comic to give it it's full title.

I'm still not clear on the chronology of this comic but I know that the last issue was April 1989 (see the Werewolf cover, below). The first, 4th, 5th and 6th images were from an ebay lot that I didn't win and copyright dates are sadly missing from them...

Scouse Mouse presents the Ace! comic, fun special

Scouse Mouse and the Scallywags, Super Spring Edition

Scouse Mouse presents Ace! comic, issue 1

Scouse Mouse presents Ace! comic, issue 2

Scouse Mouse presents Ace! comic, issue 3

Based on the image from the image on the back of issue 3 (above) we know that the title was then re-named 'Scouse Mouse and the scallywags' came's the only example I have of that title

...but somehow it ends up as just being Scouse Mouse by the time it merges into Whizzer & Chips (on 15th April 1989 - the Scouse Mouse logo was dropped from the masthead after precisely 4 weeks, apparently) - so maybe the December date on the above comic means it's from 1988. Again, copyright dates are missing from these comics.

George Nicholas also worked on the Budgie Malone comic - which I looked at herehere and here as well as Were Bears comic (here). All 3 titles are hard to collect - so good luck in your collecting.

Friend of the blog Stephen Archer has let me have the following information about the 1989 issues of Whizzer & Chips...

Beginning with 15/4/89, and omitting 22/4, 17/6, 15/7, 16/9, 11/11, 18/11 and 9/12 (as those dates aren’t held by the British Library) and are thus uncheckable, Scouse Mouse appearedcontinuously until the end of the year with the exceptions of 14/10 and 2/12.

Comics artist Nigel Parkinson has provided this timeline...
a). 2 issues of ACE in 1986;
b). 13 of Scouse Mouse (and the Scallywags) published by Modelbrisk, 1987-8; 
c). 6 of Scouse Mouse published by Fleetway 1988-9

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