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1 April 2020

Ninja action comic

Ok so here's a comic I know nothing about - I've pinched the image from Dale Jackson on the excellent facebook group - 'The mighty world of British comics'. Interestingly the space where the bar code should be (bottom tight) is blank so I wonder if this is some sort of 'test' issue??

I just wanted to put it out there to see if anyone else recalls it (or, even better, has any issues for sale!)

Lovely cover by Colin MacNeil

Googling 'ninja action comic' tends to bring up a lot of refences to a certain quartet of crime-fighting turtles <sigh> but I have found one reference on a chat group ...
The text is quite hard to read but it says...
My grandfather owned a drugstore for a few decades and it had a comic rack I was allowed to select from (after I'd done some chores :)

I've been searching (unsuccessfully) for a comic/magazine that the drugstore carried. I had about six issues- I have no idea where they disappeared to.

Here's what I remember-
Published in the late '80s
The series was oversized (not typical comic size)
It had a title something lik 'Ninja Action' or 'Kung Fu Action', or thereabouts.
The series was black and white pages

As I recall, the first issue had a single story. As I look back I'd say it was 'manga style' although at the time I don't know of the genre. The story followed a ninja as he raided a temple and fought four demon spirits. The end resulted in a female personification of Yin being released. I think he encountered a Kappa vampire on the way to the temple...

Subsequent issues featured serilaized stories, and each had multiple tales. For example, one storyline was about a group of siblings whose clan had been wiped out and it crossed a few issues. Issues after number 1 were by different artists and weren't necessarily 'manga' in art style.

So, overall then, any help gratefully received.

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