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10 April 2020

Warhammer monthly comic - issue 81-86, cover artists guide

I never read Warhammer monthly back in the day and have only started picking it up in recent years - it's packed full of well-known (2000AD) creators and plenty of other not so well-known names. 

Anyway, a covers gallery is a good a way as any to act as an introduction to a comic so over the next few weeks I'll show you what the issues all look like. 

Issues 1-10 is here
Issues 11-20 is here
Issues 21-30 is here
Issues 31-40 is here
Issues 51-60 is here
Issues 61-70 is here
Issues 71-80 is here

Next up is issues 81-86...
Warhammer monthly - issue 81, cover artist Scott Johnson 

Warhammer monthly - issue 82, cover artist Adrian Smith 

Warhammer monthly - issue 83, cover artist Mike Collins 

Warhammer monthly - issue 84, cover artist Frazer Irving 

Warhammer monthly - issue 85, cover artist Anthony Williams

Warhammer monthly - issue 86, cover artist Clint Langley

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