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25 January 2017

Action - the banned issue - how much did it go for?

Previously ( I reported on the sale in October 2016 of the final issue of Action comic (dated 23rd October 1976). That was sold for £4110.75 (

This beat the hammer price of the previous copy (sold in May 2016) for £2555

The starting price this time around is £2,500 and it can be found here

So the question is how much did it go for? The answer is that it failed to sell!
Was the starting price too high? The first copy started off at 99p and ended up at £2,555; the second one started off at £750 and got to £4,110.75. I can't believe that's the last we've seen of this comic - I'm sure it'll be back soon (and hopefully at a lower opening bid price).

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