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22 January 2017

Are you ready to go into the unknown at the Barbican Gallery?

The genre-defining exhibition of art, design, film and literature
3 Jun–1 Sep, Across the Barbican Centre, London
One of the most celebrated genres in popular culture, Science Fiction has seen the creation of some of the most iconic and experimental works ever to be produced. This summer, step into imaginary worlds dreamt up by leading filmmakers, artists, writers and musicians from across the globe and lose yourself down the rabbit hole of alternate realities, dystopian cities and the inner workings of human perception. 
Art - Presenting artworks that reimagine reality in a variety of ways, by artists such as Soda_Jerk, Larissa Sansour and more. US artist Trevor Paglen and British artist Conrad Shawcross both present new works made especially for the exhibition.
Design - Look out for designs, magazines and postcards depicting modernist utopian cities of the future, on loan from the Moscow Design Museum. Plus installations from the VFX design studios responsible for Ex Machina and The Martian.
Film - Props, models, spacesuits and concept art are on display – some for the very first time in the UK – from blockbusters including Alien, Star Wars™, District 9, Sunshine, Star Trek, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Interstellar and more.
Literature - Delve into the stories of almost 200 books from around the world including original manuscripts, typescripts and first editions of some of the most influential literature of all time - from Jules Verne to Margaret Atwood
Short film - Featuring short films ranging from Frances Bodomo’s Afronauts, inspired by a true story of the Zambia space programme, to Wanuri Kahiu’s Pumzi, following one scientist’s quest to find life beyond the confines of her repressive subterranean Nairobi community.
Comics - Experts in the field have been involved in choosing a selection of over 100 rare space and superhero comics from across the globe to be displayed as part of the exhibition.

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