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30 January 2017

Cartoonists Club of Great Britain (2)

and now with more highlights from the CCGB members handbook...

Les Lilley has worked on an extensive list of comics here...not sure how well-known his contribution are
Brian Walker has also been a busy guy, again his name isn't well-known to me
And Ken Wilkins who worked for DC Thomson

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  1. Very interesting, Richard. Thanks for posting these extracts from the book. I only met Les Lilley once, in the mid-1980s, and didn't know at the time that he'd written for the Odhams comics or I'd have asked him about them. That's a good list of his achievements, and some of my favourites there, but I'm now wondering which two of the four Odhams Smash! Annuals were the ones he wrote (ditto Wham! Annual).