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3 January 2017

Centurions Power Xtreme monthly - issue 1

So from 1987 we have issue 1 of "Centurions Power Xtreme monthly" - it lasted 10 issues in all (so that's the next 10 blog postings covered then) and had an incredible variety of artists "contribute" to it. I say "contribute" I mean have their (US) work reprinted in it.
Anyway, we'll get onto that, first up is issue 1. All home grown art by the looks of it (none of it is signed or very good I'm afraid). Stories are as follows:
  Space snatch!
  Scorpio down

Example of art quality and the low standard of colouring used (if you ever wondered what an inker did, this comic isn't for you, this is just colouring in with felt-tips, sorry)
On the plus side though there is a mammoth which has been rescued from the tundra, stolen and turned into a cyborg (that can fire lasers from his eyes)
You didn't believe about the laser eye beam thing? Check out this magnificent centrespread then, hah!
Stay tuned for issue 2.

getting into conversation with Michael Slattery (an artist on later issues) he confirms that the art is by Mike Kazybird

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