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29 January 2017

Cartoonists Club of Great Britain (1)

I recently acquired this...
 Which is from these people
Who are led by these people
And it's basically a directory (100+pages long) of all the members of the Cartoonist Club of Great Britain (CCGB). So you details of hundreds of cartoonists and some of them have submitted large drawings - as far as I'm aware these are unique pieces so I thought I'd share the most interesting ones here over the next few days, first up is Denis Gifford
The CCGB are still going and can be found here


  1. Lovely to see this. I edited several of the handbooks in the 90s. Does it say anywhere what year this is from? Looks to me like it may be late 70s / early 80s.

    1. no sign of date sadly (but I agree with your interpretation), intrigued to hear that there were other editions - so you have any to hand? or cover scans?

  2. There were quite a few as they were a yearly publication. Members used them as a marketing aid pre-internet. Then, with personal websites and the clubs Members Portfolio section on the CCGB website they became obsolete. The club still produces a very fine monthly magazine called 'The Jester' which I edited for about 6 years.

    I have several of the handbooks in storage in the UK - I am now living in Malta, but if you go to the club Facebook page and ask, someone may be able to post or email you something if you are interested. I know that Mike Turner (Who edited the handbook above) is still a club member and an occasional visitor to the Facebook page.

    Just so's you know, the club does have affiliate memberships for Editors, Publishers and those involved in the industry other than being cartoonists.

    1. Forgot to add the Facebook address: