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10 January 2017

Centurions Power Xtreme monthly - issue 8

From issue 8 we again have a diverse selection of artists...
Cover is by Will Simpson (his signature is hiding (again) on an ankle rocket)

'Time Trap' is by Tim Perkins (signature just visible in the bottom of frame one)

Then 'Forecast' is by Steve Ditko. I'll say that again, Steve Ditko. I can't think of any other independent British comic that featured his art. It's only 3 pages, but there you go.

Next up is Michael Slattery's contribution to the issue

Then we have the unattributed 'Arctic attack' - update 01/07/19...Tim Perkins has left a comment saying that this is his work

And all rounded off by 'The Monsters' by Michael Fleisher.