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21 January 2017

Recent publications (4) - Striker, the black and white years

My copy of this arrived before Christmas and I haven't had a chance to get my teeth into it yet, so I just wanted to tell you about it in case you were still trying to make your mind up about it.

First up the production value are top notch, this is a heavy hardback book (300+ pages with 5 strips to a page) with high quality paper, a gloss laminated cover and it contains the first 21 stories plus an introduction to the genesis of the strip and a small introduction to each story as you go along.

Anyone used to the CGI images of Nick Jarvis is going to be disappointed by this book; on the other hand anyone who wants to see where it all began (and who can't afford or find the 2 Striker annuals that were released nearly 30 years ago) should be delighted with their purchase. 

One of the original Striker annuals...

and it's on sale here
for just £24 (or £29 if you want it signed)

I can't wait for volume 2 - so why not support Pete and his efforts to preserve this bit of newspaper comic strip history?

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