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20 January 2017

Recent publications (3) - When Saturday Comes

Issue 360 of When Saturday Comes is now out, this is the February 2017 issue and costs £3.50.
Thought I would just flag it up here because in amongst all the football talk you might expect there's 2 pages dedicated to recent developments in football comics
So Rok of the Reds gets reviewed...
Image result for rok of the reds
you can keep up to date with all the action over of Rok's facebook page

Also featured is a new comic from American publisher IDW featuring a fictional West Ham player. I'll certainly be checking this comic out
Image result for jackboot and iron heel comic

Barrie Tomlinson's book also gets a fair review
Image result for barrie tomlinson roy of the rovers

and 'The rise of the Invincibles', the new book about the early days of Preston North End (illustrated by former Roy of the Rovers artist David Sque) also gets a review

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