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8 January 2017

Centurions Power Xtreme monthly - issue 6

Issue 6 and the US reprints are missing in action this issue as we get all British, all new art.

Cover is by Will 'Game of Thrones' Simpson (look for his distinctive signature hiding on the ankle rocket for the character falling backwards).
 First strip is uncredited
 'Fight of the century' art is by Tim Perkins
Don't open the door, whatever you don don't open the door. You opened the door didn't you? Big Stee wouldn't like that.
'Terror takes control' is unsigned but the style is distinctive of Michael Slattery (who has contributed to previous issues).

1 comment:

  1. I illustrated the first strip. "Nothing Can Stop Us!" Egmont Editions and World International Publishing shared offices in Manchester at the time. Artists had to pencil, ink and colour their work. I Enjoyed working on the strip and also illustrated part of The Centurions Annual 1987.