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19 January 2017

Recent publications (2) - Comic heroes - issue 30

Comic Heroes issue 30 (priced £7.99) is now out! This is quarterly issue dated January 2017 (so for January -March 2017).

For the British comics fan there's a lot to enjoy in the current issue..
  • Steve Dillon tribute (8 pages)
  • 40 years of 2000ad (10 pages)
  • Chris Ridell - author/illustrator and political cartoonist (6 pages)
  • Commando - 4 pages
As ever with Comic Heroes the font is big, the pictures are bigger and the columns are spread out wide - it certainly helps get you 130 pages and justify the £7.99 price tag, but there's nothing else to compete with it on the newsagents shelves.


  1. My copy, bought from Tesco, still has "Total Film Presents" on it...

  2. odd, I normally buy mine from Tesco's (complete with Total Film presents) but got this issue from Forbidden Planet. Will have a look the next time I'm in Tesco's, cheers for reading.