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18 February 2021

Masters of British Comic art errata

Just making some notes about David Roach's fantastic 'Masters of British Comic art' - these are just some tiny errors that have crept into a book packed with an unsurpassed depth and breadth of knowledge. 

Anyway, because I made these notes I'm just recording them here in an effort to help out future historians whose work will inevitably build on David's monumental work.

Page 40 "not say outrageous" should be "not to say outrageous"

Page 44 - "Road of courage" not "Road to courage"

page 67 - it's "Kitty Hawke and her all-girl flying crew"

Caption on page 73 should be 1986 not 1886

Page 88 - the Posy Simmonds 1969 book is "The Posy Simmonds bear book" not "Bear & Co"

Page 88 - it's "Mrs Weber's diary" not "Mrs Webber's diary"

Page 92 - 6 volumes? Not 5 volumes and an annual

Page 101 - Mek memoirs not Mek Memories

Page 103 - Pssst magazine not Psst magazine

Page 103 - Jamie Hewlett not Jaimie Hewlett 

Page 107 - Darkie's mob not Darkies mob

Page 114 - Pssst! magazine not Psst magazine

Page 114 - Sláine; page 120 Slaine

Page 123 - were Deadline sales really only 1200?

Page 124 - Blast! not Blast

Page 125 - 223 issue of Sonic the comic not 280

Page 138 - UKCAC not UKCAK

Page 138 - Xpresso not Expresso 

why is it often The Eagle rather than Eagle?

Norman Boyd has helpfully submitted the following annotations...

Page 2 - Romero = Enrique Badía Romero

Page 10 The caption says one thing but the writing at the bottom of the image states "The American Press man"

Page 11 Oswald Mosely (Should be Mosley.)

Page 14  Sparky started in 1965 not 1967

Page 21 Pip, Squeak and Wifred should be Wilfred

Page 21 Tattler = Tatler

Page 24 Frank Eidelstein (who is also known as Cyril Frank Eidelstein / Frank Langford - just worth mentioning)

Page 28 Polstyle = Polystyle

Page 42 Dan Dare was "almost certainly the world's first painted adventure strip" - this is some claim, but I wonder if anyone knows better?

Page 43 Mirror Group acquired the Amalgamated Press earlier, in November 1958 (not 1959)

Page 43 Steven Hawkins (Should be Stephen Hawking)

Page 49 Frazer of Africa = Fraser of Africa

Page 52 Fennel = Fennell (correct later on the page)

Page 52 Mike Noble worked for Express Weekly (it wasn't TV Express till 1960) and drew "The Lone Ranger and Tonto" and later "Range Rider"

Page 54 Noble left in 1986 due to his Mother's ill-health and caring for her

Page 58 Giorgio Bellavitis went from Paul English on Swift, to Eagle’s prestigious back-page Mark the Youngest Disciple; his later work included Storm Nelson and Riders of the Range

Page 82 Ian Flemming (Should be Ian Fleming)

Page 87 Martin Asbury went onto draw Garth until 1997 not 1984

Page 90 Tattler (Should be Tatler.)

Page 92 RICHARD - Can you pad this out a bit? - The Rip Kirby volumes were published as 5 volumes and an Annual it just makes finding it a bit easier

Page 97 Valliant = Valiant

Page 122 Alberto Gilolitti (Should be Giolitti)

Page 141 Strangest Stories was published in June and School Friend


  1. p107... huh? Also, p.122 Giolitti (not Giolotti) did News Team for the new Eagle using the pen-name Heinzl.

  2. P107 Apostrophe makes all the difference....between a mob led by Darkie and a mob consisting entirely of... well, probably get in trouble for completing the sentence nowadays but you get the picture... 😀