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10 February 2021

'Crash dive!' by Ian Kennedy

Back in 2008 (!) here I wrote (along with friend of the blog Jeremy Briggs) about Quizzer magazine on Steve Holland's amazing 'Bear Alley'.

I've looked at Quizzer a little bit on this blog - check out the links here but issues and material relating to Quizzer is hard to come by. I was therefore delighted to see Jeff Haythorpe post the following two images on Facebook recently...

Friend of the blog Jeremy Briggs has added the following about the artwork... 

These one and a half page puzzle strips in Quizzer in 1975 were based on various Airfix and Revell plastic kits available at the time, not adverts as such, more like promos with the bottom half of the second page using the kit box art and some promo text about the kit itself. This one looks like it was based around Airfix's then long standing Series 1 kit of the Grumman Wildcat fighter (Airfix artwork by Eagle and Swift's Roy Cross) - more details here

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