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6 February 2021

Denis McLoughlin art for sale

A recent post (here) on Down the Tubes drew my attention to some rare Denis McLoughlin original art being offered for sale. 

I recently came across another piece of art by Denis for sale here. The seller has it as a 'buy it now' for £2,300 (although there is the opportunity to make offers as well).

I don't have a copy of the Buffalo Bill wild west annual #8 (from which this page apparently comes) but I bet this piece of art (even though it appears to have faded slightly) looks fantastic in real life.

If you've got pockets deep enough to afford this then good luck to you - this would grace any comic art collection.

Note that this previously sold for £298 as lot 37 in the Summer 2020 (British section) of the Comic Book Postal Auction (Compal).


  1. Pretty sure this was sold on Malcolm Philip's site and it didn't go for anything near this price if my memory is correct??

    1. Great memory - this DID indeed sell in the Summer 2020 auction (lot 37) - along with a number of other McLoughlin pieces - this sold for £298

    2. Same seller has also listed the cover to Ranger 2....bought from Compal for £390 a year ago....on eBay at £3600! Particularly annoying as I bid on this at the time. 😠