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20 February 2021

Pocket Chiller library - Dave Gibbons art

A recent post on Down the tubes (here) led me to keep an eye out for a picture library series that I hadn't come across before...Pocket Chiller Library. In particular I was intrigues by the post about issue #43 ("The dead are awake and walking") which featured art by one Dave Gibbons.

I haven't got a copy of #43 yet but I do now know that it was reprinted as #102 - "Unholy fiends".

"It's awful" cautions Dave but I think he's being a bit hard on himself here - anyway here are scans of a few pages so that you can see some of Dave's distinctive art...

Hmmm, looks like a 'young' Artie Gruber here...

To en the two male characters in the 4th frame look very much like they've been drawn by someone other than Dave. I say that because the style is more detailed and slightly 'lighter' on the page - none of Dave's solid, un-fussy black lines here. I'd go so far as to say that the style reminds me of early Kevin O'Neill artwork. I doubt we'll ever find out but it;s fun to speculate as to if / why they might have collaborated on this single frame. 

UPDATE: Dave has confirmed that this was his first paying job!


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