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11 February 2021

2000AD trading cards - series 1 (2007) - part 14

From 2007 here's my look at Strictly Ink's 2000AD trading cards. I've collected the basic collector cards (#1-72) but there were also Gold Foil, Costume & Bonus Cards.

As it points out on the packaging the odds of finding hand drawn sketch cards or bonus cards are 1:20 packs (so 1-2 per box). Foil cards were 1:12 packs and each box contained (on average) one hand drawn sketch or bonus card.

Cards 1-9 were here
Cards 10-18 were here
Cards 19-27 (part 1) is here
Cards 19-27 (part 2) is here
Cards 28-36 is here
Cards 37-45 (part 1) is here
Cards 37-45 (part 2) is here
Cards 46-54 is here
Cards 55-63 is here
Cards 64-72 (part 1) is here
Cards 64-72 (part 2) is here
Ian Gibson cards only are here
Sláine cards are here

In the final look at these cards I've collected up the images relating to a particular character or artist - the selection is cards by Carlos Ezquerra...

The back of card 59

The back of card 58

The back of card 14

The front of card 21

The front of card 45

The back of card 45


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