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5 February 2021

Famous men of today - from Eagle

'Famous men of today' was something that was only available to members of the Eagle club and is thus a piece of Eagle ephemera not that familiar even to Eagle collectors. This image is certainly the first time I've seen it 'in the flesh' as it were.

I'm indebted to David Gould's article on his home-made version of 'Famous men of today' published in Eagle Times volume 18, issue 2 (Summer 2005) for the background to this interesting piece of ephemera.

David notes that the pictures of the famous men were printed (in pairs) from 12th October 1956 to 29th March 1957 - with the booklet having originally been advertised in the issue dated 14th September 1956 (volume 7, issue 37) - cover below. 

I don't have the issue to hand so I can't show the 'super club offer on page 7' but David copied the image from that issue to make his home-made version of the booklet.

The images of the famous (as can be seen in the first image, above) were printed in pairs - for 24 weeks - but none of the images had names of the men attached to them! Presumably they were felt to be so famous that there was no point in printing their names. Seemed like a good idea at the time but looking back at the images now would be a good deal more challenging. 

Here's the inside front page of the booklet...

...and the inside back page too...

Anyway, a lovely bit of Eagle ephemera to watch out for.

For completeness the famous men are as follows...

HRH the Duke of Edinburgh
Admiral the Earl Mountbatten of Burma
General Sir Gerald Templar
Air Chief Marshal Sir Dermot Boyle
Sir John Hunt
Lord Rowallan
Sir W. Penney
Prof. V. Fuchs
Peter May
Colin Cowdrey
Frank Tyson
Godfrey Evans
Denis Compton
Trevor Bailey
Jim Laker
Keith Miller
Ray Lindwall
Stanley Matthews
Duncan Edwards
Johnny Haynes
Bob Hardisty
Wilf White
Sir Ralph Richardson
Sir Laurence Olivier
John Mills
Kenneth More
Gilbert Harding
Eamonn Andrews
Leonard Cheshire
Neville Duke
John Cunningham
Peter Twiss
John Disley
Brian Hewson
Chris Chataway
Gordon Pirie
Geof. Duke
John Surtees
John Beharrel
Roger Becker
Dia Dower
Joe Lucy
Johnny Leach
Cliff Morgan
Donald Campbell
Peter Collins
Stirling Moss
Mike Hawthorn

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