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14 February 2021

The 2nd Robin birthday book

I've looked before at ephemera produced to tie-in with Robin comic...

My look at merchandise is here
Spin-off books are here
The 3rd birthday book is here
The 4th birthday book is here

So now I can add in the 2nd birthday book as something I own. Like its sister volumes this is a slim, softback 12-page volume that wouldn't last very long in the hands of a young child - it's so flimsy!

I'm still unsure how many volumes of the birthday book were produced but it def. went up to the 6th birthday book.

I include some interior images...

As a nod to friend of the blog Steve Holland I include here the Woppit story as he wrote all about Woppit here on Bear Alley

Inside the birthday book it's a mixture of poems, puzzles, (very) short stories and a couple of comic strips - in this case Andy Pandy and The story of Woppit. All of which is perhaps indicative of a book for a young child.

I don't own a copy of this but here's the evidence that these birthday books got up to 'the sixth'....I can't see the target reading age for Robin readers stretching beyond being 6 years of age - I reckon they'd be onto Swift or Girl by then - so perhaps this is the last book? Mind you, on that logic I'm not sure who would be subscribing to Robin for their 2 year-old? 

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