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27 February 2021

UPDATED: annual flyers

I used to love getting a flyer for the year's annuals (and then, to no avail, ticking off the ones I was interested in getting for the upcoming Christmas). Sadly I didn't keep any of then, however that's what they invented eBay for ! 

So, and with acknowledgment that there are plenty of gaps in my listing, here's a trip down memory lane for you...

The flyers for 1980 is the new addition for this post.

Longacre annuals for 1961 

Longacre annuals for 1962

Fleetway annuals for 1963 

Fleetway annuals for 1977 

Fleetway annuals for 1980

Interesting to see a 'draft' cover for the Tornado 1980 annual here...

Fleetway annuals for 1983

Fleetway annuals for 1984 

Fleetway annuals for 1985 

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