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31 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 annual

The usual cheap cash-in annual from Grandreams. Widely available on 2nd hand websites everywhere. This thin annual stretches to only 48 pages (of which the over itself counts as 4 pages!) and comes complete with the to be expected selection of clip art, word searches, games and profiles.

Here's the cover
 The only original material in the whole thing was a Dinobots strip...

come back tomorrow for pages 3-5 of this story.

30 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 (issue 5)

Transformers Generation 2; issue 5 (last issue); dated February 1995, £1.50
Cover is by "Rob", as is the gatefold centrespread.

Continuing to reprint material from the US comic issue 5 (for more details see here) . This issue reprints the whole of the 'Power and the glory' strip.
Script by Simon Furman, pencils by Manny Galan, inks by Jim Amash, colours by Chia-Chi Wang. editing by Rob Tokar, Chief editing by Tom DeFalco.

Back cover
All in all then, 5 issues of which 2 were originated British material and 3 were straight reprint issues. And it only lasted 5 issues. So, not a great success all round then, but it's an interesting footnote in Fleetway's line of tie-in comics. Fortunately for them Sonic the comic was proving to be much more successful.

29 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 (issue 4)

Here's the UK cover to Fleetway Editions Tranformers generation 2; January 1995; £1.50
The image shows Megatron holding Bludgeon's skull. More details on all aspect of this comic can be found over at...

Story is 'Tales of earth (part one+two)'
Sion Furman scripts, Derek Yaniger is the artist, colours by Sarra Mossoff, editor is Toara and editor-in-chief is Tom DeFalco. 12 pages of art in total. Robin Smith provides the gatefold centrespread.

US cover art is here...

28 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 (issue 3)

From December 1994 here we have issue 3 of Fleetway Editions Transformers Generation 2.
Here's the cover...

 as it had been advertised in issue 2
 The US edition from which it is taken
This useful like!_(Marvel)
points out that the cover is by Derek Yangier and that the material has been reprinted from the (US) comic above. Story is called "Device and desires!" - script by Simon Furman, pencils by Manny Galan, inks by Jim Amash & Marie Severin; letterings by Starkings (with Gaushell), colouring by Sarra Mossoff, editor is Rob Tokar and Tom DeFalco is editor in chief.

27 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 (issue 2)

From November 1994, here we have Fleetway Editions Ltd issue 2 of "Transformers Generation 2"...
Front cover obscured by stickers
 'Clean' shot of front cover
 Stickers from back cover
Story War zone, scripted by Simon Furman, pencils by Robin Smith, inks by Bambos, colours by Gil Whelan and letters by Peter Nicholls. This (12 page) story is the only story in it. Centrespread is illustrated by Kevin F Sutherland.
 Page 2

26 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 (issue 1)

The cover of issue 1 (October 1994, £1.50), short lived and rare title from Fleetway.

Free stickers (1)
Free stickers (2)

Script is by Simon Furman, pencils by Robin Smith, inks by Bambos, colouring by Gill Whelan and lettering by Peter Nicholls.

last page

25 December 2016

Jeff Hawke Club - more details

Following o from yesterday's post, more details about membership of the Jeff Hawke Club can be found here


The Jeff Hawke club was formed in 2001 with the aim of bringing the Jeff Hawke science-fiction stories to a wider public. The club is a unique and very successful publishing venture, re-printing for the first time ever the entire run of Jeff Hawke stories, probably the greatest sci-fi comic strip of the 20th century. Created and drawn by Sydney Jordan, Jeff Hawke ran consecutively as a syndicated strip in two British newspapers from 1954 until 1988 and was a sci-fi strip aimed at an adult audience. Its themes are subtle and thought provoking  - its artwork mature and realistic.  The entire corpus comprises 111 stories and until the JHC began its work only six of these were available in reprinted form in English.  To date, since its formation, the club, with the full co-operation and encouragement of Sydney Jordan, has re-published 93 of the stories in a series of large format books, which reproduce the strips (from originals in the newspaper archives) at their original size. Accompanying each story are extensive notes, both by Sydney, and by well known science author and collaborator Duncan Lunan . 
These books are published three times a year and are exclusively available to members of the Jeff Hawke club. The membership fee is paid annually and for this you will receive the next three books as they become available. Membership also allows you to purchase all the other books in the series and thus to obtain the entire collection of Jeff Hawke stories to date.  This is a unique opportunity to own and read this groundbreaking sci-fi series available nowhere else.

How to join the Jeff Hawke Club

Subscriptions are by the current volume and not by the date you join, it makes it easier for us to make sure you receive your copy of the club magazine on time.

Subscription details

    UK subscription £28.50. ( £26 if you pay by cheque)
    European Membership:  £34 GBP.
    World-Wide membership by post:  £39 GBP, Paypal subscription:  £41 GBP, IBAN:  £38 GBP.

    A typical cover...
    home graphic

24 December 2016

Jeff Hawke Jr

News reaches me that the Jeff Hawke club will soon be publishing a collection of Jeff Hawke Jnr. strips, more details here
where it's the post from Nov 13th to look for

Anyway it will be of the same large format as the Jeff Hawke Cosmos magazine, but in full colour throughout and will contain around 128 pages.  In addition to the strips themselves the book will include biographical information on the various artists and writers that created it together with articles on the Jeff Hawke collector cards and club, with contributions from astronomer Duncan Lunan and the writer Jeremy Briggs among others.

Jeff Hawke Jnr - front and back covers

Sounds great to me, more details from

23 December 2016

The adventures of Cordelia Swift; Run & Hyde - part four

Too many revelations in these few pages to include too many scans today I'm afraid, but there are some great reveals, a monster is on the loose and the murderer is finally unmasked, best of all this is only the end of book one, there's more to come!

Issues 1-4 are collected together in this deluxe volume, it's hardback and only £9.99, buy it here

Image of Cordelia Swift: Run & Hyde. Volume One DELUXE hardcover

22 December 2016

The adventures of Cordelia Swift; Run & Hyde - part three

Issue 3 of "Run & Hyde" begins with our heroine as the scene of the murder looking for clues, but the big revelations aren't to be found at the murder scene...No spoilers here people but this is bubbling up nicely now, all set for the final issue - in fact there may be too many plot lines to resolve!
 Rushing to the scene of the crime
 You dirty rat!

Script is by Matthew Garvey (@MattGarvey1981)
Art & letters by Aleksander Bozic

21 December 2016

The adventures of Cordelia Swift; Run & Hyde - part two

Cordelia's murder investigation run into some problems in this issue, firstly the Babbage brothers aren't playing ball, Cordelia's boss wants a scapegoat found for the murder and Louis is wasting his time outside a pub. But the real problem is that...there's been another murder!

 Cordelia's boss
 Cordelia childhood - no wonder she's a bit messed up!

Issue 3 tomorrow of this great little series, 24 pages of lovely art, you won't be disappointed.

20 December 2016

The adventures of Cordelia Swift; Run & Hyde - part one

So I only came across this recently (thanks to Orbital comics stocking of ace independent comics) - this is part 1 of 4 and sets up a mystery in a steampunk'd version of our world in 1856 - 24 pages of b+w white art throughout with quite a Keith Page vibe I reckon. The story follows (American) detective Cordelia Swift and her assistant as they investigate a brutal killing in London.
The long and mechanical arm of the law...

A dis-satisfied customer

All 4 parts of the story have been published so stick with me as we look at episodes 2-4 over the coming days...

You can buy back issues (and other titles) here...

19 December 2016

new acquisition - Sherlock Holmes

picked this up the other day because:
a). I love Holmes
b). I love comics
c). It was £2
d). I remembered reading about it in Tim Quinn's autobiography and thinking "that'll be annoying to try and find on ebay - there'll be a million entries for The hound of the Baskervilles"

Interior art featuring a madman laughing, a buxom wench (yay!) drowning (boo!) and a hell-hound, what's not to love? 

 This is what Tim has to say about this particular publishing adventure in his autobiography...
 here's Tim & Gyles (photos taken some years apart given the change in the colour of Tim's hair)
 Back cover of the book advertising "volume 2" - sadly not to hand

18 December 2016

Hook Jaw - part 2

OK, so here we go,

Cover E is by Steve White 

This cover is by Brian Williamson

16 December 2016

The Smurfs comic - issue 1 (again!)

So this issue 1 is from 1997, but is also published by DeVere, the price had been reduced down to £1.25 (from £1.85) but the page count is down to 24 pages (from 32) and the paper is cheaper.
Stories by Peyou are as follows:
Shake and fly! (8 pages)
Food for thought (1 page)

15 December 2016

The Smurfs comic - issue 1

Don't know much about this title, so I'm hoping that this post will provide some more information.
This is issue 1 from November 1996 of 'The Smurfs', published by Devere Entertainment. 32 pages in total.
It contains the following comic strips by Peyou:
The Smurfosaurus (8 pages long)
The baby owl (8 pages long)
Lazy Smurf sets to work (1 page long)

14 December 2016

Shit the dog - poster magazine issue 4

Last issue!
Sadly Shit never appeared in the mooted 'humour comic for adults' that the editorial mentions. Shot himself transferred over to Metal hammer magazine, but I don't know for how many issues. Some left over submissions from the 'artist jam' special issue 3 make it into issue 4, Jon Haward and Carlos Ezquerra submission are included here for your interest...