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31 August 2017

Wildcat - issue 9

Vanyo provides the cover for issue 9

Jose Ortiz is the pin-up artist this week...

Ron Smith continues his work on Joe Alien

Josep Gaul proving that it's just not Jose Ortiz who can raunch his way through a boys comic strip...

Complete strip listing is as follows:
Cover by Vanyo
Kitten Magee illustrated by Jose Ortiz, writer unknown
Joe Alien illustrated by Ron Smith, writer unknown
Loner illustrated by David Pugh, writer unknown
Turbo Jones illustrated by Vanyo, writer unknown
Chirpers [one-off strip] by Josep Gaul, writer unknown

30 August 2017

Pat Mills Be Pure talk & signing

...has been announced by Orbital Comics here, they say...

We’ve got a rare treat in store for you this September 29th, as 2000AD and Action creator Pat Mills will be stopping by to promote his new book “Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!”, with a special signing event and free after-hours talk!

Pat is also co-creator of Battle, Misty, Marshal Law, Requiem Vampire Knight, Charley’s War (described as “the greatest British comic strip ever created”) and the black comedy text novel Serial Killer.

As 2000AD and Judge Dredd celebrates its 40th birthday, Pat at last writes the definitive history of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, and the turbulent, extraordinary and exciting events that shaped it.
Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave! is the infamous slogan of Torquemada, the comic’s favourite villain. It once appeared on the Berlin Wall, and symbolizes the subversive nature of 2000AD that changed so many readers’ lives and influenced generations of film directors, actors, rock bands, novelists and even school headmasters.

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about Judge Dredd, Slaine, Nemesis, ABC Warriors, Flesh, Bill Savage and more, is in this book. Plus the writers and artists who created them and the real-life people and events they drew on for inspiration. The scandals, the back-stabbing and the shocking story that was regarded as “too sensitive” to ever see the light of day is finally told.

27 August 2017

Shaky Kane @ Orbital comics

Having previously reported (here) about the Shaky Kane exhibition at Orbital comics in London, I managed to pop in today and take a few quick photos to show you some of Shaky's art - most of the art is still for sale and the b+w pieces are often less than £100

We also looked at Shaky art here and here

All art is (c) Shaky Kane

Thanks to Orbital Comics (here) for hosting - and for not minding me taking a few photos on my camera phone

25 August 2017

Latest Comic Book Postal Auction now open for bids

Comic Book Postal Auctions (here) have just opened the bidding for their latest set of offerings and they have some gems for all fans of British comics...

Lot # 19:
Beano Comic No 1 (1938) with Beano No 1 and No 2 Flyer 8 pg mini comic. Introducing Big Eggo, Lord Snooty, Little Peanut and Tin-Can Tommy
The front cover has 6 x 2 ins piece torn away and light stamp ' Eire 1d Extra' to top cover. Light tan pages [gd]. Flyer has one page cut along its dotted cut lines

Lot #4:
Modern Boy (1928) 1-20
In bound volume with Issue 1 free gift King George V GWR express engine in coloured tinplate. 'How I broke the Record' by Malcolm Campbell and 'New York - Non Stop!'
[fn/vfn] (20)

Lot # 77:
Eagle No 1 promo (1950)
Promotional 8 pg full colour issue distributed to churches and schools up and down the country to publicise the imminent print run of the Eagle first issue. The front cover has no 'Dan Dare Pilot of the Future' header and a different date of 21 April 1950
Bright fresh colours, flat copy. The back cover has two lower corner pieces missing and some discoloured tape marks. Scarce, we have only sold four other copies in 16 years [vg-fn]

Lot # 136:
Charley's War original front cover artwork (1984) by Joe Colquhoun for Battle 484,
11 Aug 1984. Oct 2nd 1918. Corporal Charley Bourne escaped from a POW camp to join the British attack on the St Quentin canal. Under heavy enemy fire the British swam the canal with the aid of lifebelts, ropes and rafts in what has been regarded as the most daring action of the Great War
Black ink on cartridge paper. 17 x 14 ins

Lot # 137:
Charley's War original artwork (1984) by Joe Colquhoun for Battle 484 page 2,
11 Aug 1984. Under enemy fire Charley sets up a machine gun post on the enemy bank but after heavy losses Captain Snell tries to drive them on … Signed to the reverse: "Best wishes from Joe Colquhoun"
Black ink on cartridge paper, 17 x 15 ins

Lot # 138:
Charley's War original artwork (1984) by Joe Colquhoun for Battle 484 page 4,
11 Aug 1984. Charley stalks and captures a German machine gun post and his men take the bridge - but some are dying from influenza
Black ink on cartridge paper, 17 x 15 ins£450-500

Lot # 61:
The Broons original artwork (1961) drawn and signed by Dudley Watkins and illustrated in The Broons Book for 1962, page 15. This book accompanies the artwork and is the scarce hardcover edition file copy from D.C. Thomson offices with light biro date to spine [fn+]. Artwork is in indian ink on cream card. 18 x 15 ins (2)

24 August 2017

Massimo Belardinelli - TMHT, issue 21 - part 1

This is Massimo Belardinelli's sole contribution to Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles comic - but there's a dozen pages to enjoy over the next few days...

23 August 2017

Wildcat - issue 8

Finally! Ron Smith's art gest to grace the cover of Wildcat, here's the cover to issue 8

Vanyo provides the delightful pin-up art for the leader of the Arglon Council of Elders

First appearance of the art of Joan Boix

And David Pugh is proving the art teaser poster for the next issue

Complete listing is as follows
Cover art is by Ron Smith
Turbo Jones is illustrated by Vanyo, writer is unknown
Joe Alien is illustrated by Ron Smith, writer is unknown
Kitten Magee is illustrated by Jose Ortiz, writer is unknown
Loner is illustrated by David Pugh, writer is unknown
Death on Wildcat [one off story] by Joan Boix, writer is unknown

22 August 2017

Bryan Talbot exhibition and signing announced!

London's Orbital comics have just announced (here) that Bryan Talbot will be coming to Orbital Comics this November for an extraordinary exhibition of his incredible artwork!

Talbot’s graphic novel series Grandville not only received overwhelming critical acclaim, but won the Prix SNCF award for best graphic novel, and was twice nominated for the prestigious Hugo award, propelling it to the ranks of “must-read” titles.

Grandville: Force Majeure represents the fifth and final instalment of this incredible series, and features our heroic Detective Inspector LeBrock on the run, wanted for murder, and out to save the country against insurmountable odds.
Bryan Talbot will be in store on Wednesday 15th of November for a signing and official book launch for Force Majeure. So be sure to clear your calendar, this event is not to be missed!

The Badger is back!
A gang war rages as, wanted for murder, truly alone and outside the law, Detective Inspector LeBrock is on the run from both the police and gangster assassins, the victim of a diabolical scheme to annihilate himself and everyone he holds dear, engineered by mastermind crime lord Tiberius Koenig, one of the most despicable villains in the history of detective fiction.

A fiendishly ingenious story of love, tenacity, treachery and tragedy, this fifth, final and longest stand-alone volume of the Eisner and Hugo Award nominated Grandville series by master storyteller and graphic novel pioneer Bryan Talbot is a veritable roller coaster of a detective thriller, featuring Grandville’s trademark fusion of high- octane excitement and humour, plus deduction on a Holmesian scale as we finally meet LeBrock’s mentor, Stamford Hawksmoor, and discover LeBrock’s untold backstory. Fan favourite characters, Detective Sergeant Roderick Ratzi and LeBrock’s vivacious fiancée, Parisian prostitute Billie, are joined by a new badger in town! Enter Tasso, an Italian badger who’s bigger, meaner and uglier than LeBrock – but is he a force for good – or evil? A battle royale ensues as LeBrock fights against truly outrageous odds. How can he possibly survive?

21 August 2017

Wildcat - issue 7

Wildcat issue 7 has a fantastic David Pugh cover - there's big guns in there, too, there's some monsters for you - it's got everything, a delight!

Sycophantic robot Crud gets the full colour treatment from Jose Ortiz...

...who then also provides a b+w inside back page
Full credits list is as follows:
Cover by David Pugh
Kitten Magee by Jose Ortiz, writer is unknown
Joe Alien by Ron Smith, writer is unknown
Loner by David Pugh, writer is unknown
Turbo Jones by Vanyo, writer is unknown
A perfect crime? [one off story] illustrated by Redondo, writer is unknown

20 August 2017

Wildcat - issue 6

Wildcat issue 6 kicks off with a Kitten Magee cover by Ian Kenendy

Jesus Redondo makes his second appearance in Wildcat c/o this one-off strip

And Vanyo is the artist chosen for the pin-up picture of the week

Full contents listing is as follows:
Kitten Magee cover by Ian Kennedy
Turbo Jones illustrated by Vanyo, writer unknown
Joe Alien illustrated by Ron Smith, writer unknown
Kitten Magee illustrated by Jose Ortiz, writer unknown
Loner illustrated by David Pugh, writer unknown
Moon of Terror [one off strip] by Jesus Redondo, writer unknown

19 August 2017

Is this Britain's geekiest high street? (part 2)

At 135 High Street is Ryde Bookshop - most of downstairs is new books but if you head through a door towards the back of the shop you find yourself in the 2nd hand zone - and the whole building from here on is absolutely rammed with books.

The children's section (first floor - back of the shop) is an absolute Aladdin's cave of books and annuals - the selection is astonishing and the pictures here don't really do it justice...

So there you have it Union Street & High Street Ryde, my vote for Britain's geekiest high street. Who's your contender?