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31 October 2016

new comics (3) - Mulp - sceptre of the sun

Good news! Everyone's favourite anthropomorphic mouse-based Indiana Jones style adventure comic is launching issue 3 (of 5) at Thought Bubble in early November

For anyone who's never come across Mulp, I can highly recommend it. The artwork is beautiful, the scenario great.

News can always be found here

and there are some exclusive page to be found here

MULP is an anthropomorphic comic book, a Pulp adventure set in a world of mice, by Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton.

The Sceptre of the Sun follows the exploits of Jack Redpath and Vicky Jones as they attempt to unravel a mystery surrounding an ancient stone tablet unearthed during an archaeological excavation in Egypt. This tablet is the first marker on an adventure that sees them racing around the world in search of a legendary treasure. Joined by their friends Cornelius Field, Prof. Walter Harvest-Scott, and Elisabeth Harvest-Scott, together they must prevent a powerful artefact falling into unscrupulous paws.

Suitable for all ages, MULP: The Sceptre of the Sun is being published in five parts, beginning with the first in 2014.

Matt Gibbs is a freelance writer and editor. Represented by the Sidelines Agency for games writing and narrative design, he has worked on titles such as Creative Assembly’s Total War: ROME II, Sega’s Binary Domain, and Ubisoft Reflections’ Driver San Francisco. Alongside games, he is the managing editor of Improper Books and collaborates with a number of talented artists on creator-owned comic and graphic novel projects. Originally an archaeologist, he spent several years grubbing about in holes before turning to writing as a career.
Twitter: @matthewgibbs

Sara Dunkerton is an Illustration graduate living and working in Bristol. Her debut as a comics artist was collaborating with Matt Gibbs on a short story for the BAYOU ARCANA: SONGS OF LOSS AND REDEMPTION anthology. Since then she has illustrated comics for DARK HARVEST: RESISTANCE, SUGAR GLIDER STORIES, and INTO THE WOODS: A FAIRY TALE ANTHOLOGY, as well as working on various projects and commissions. She lives with her pet rats who have become a source of inspiration for MULP: SCEPTRE OF THE SUN.
Website: @SaraDunkerton

Jim Campbell is an Eagle Award-nominated letterer whose work can be seen in titles from Classical Comics, Dark Horse, Image, Markosia, Renegade Arts, Timebomb and Zenescope. He lives and works in darkest Nottinghamshire and maintains a blog on matters relating to comics, lettering and other random musings.
Website: jimcampbell-­
Twitter: @CampbellLetters

Improper Books is a comic and book publishing studio focusing on creator-owned stories that have a touch of the fairy tale, the fantastical, or the otherworldly.
Twitter: @ImproperBooks

30 October 2016

new comics (2) - Scream!

ok, so this isn't strictly speaking a new comic (but it does include new comics content) but this is the latest volume of Hibernia's 'Comic Archive' series. Here's what David MacDonald has to say about it...

On sale at last here at last, please share far and wide!

The third in Hibernia's 'Comic Archive' series is here, taking a look at the dark underside of British comics with 'It's Ghastly, the untimely demise of Scream!'

Scream! comic appeared on the newsagents shelves for just 15 issues in 1984 but managed to leave a fearsome reputation behind.

Featuring the work of, to name a few, John Wagner, Alan Grant, Simon Furman, Alan Moore, José Ortiz, Eric Bradbury and Brendan McCarthy, Scream has built up a cult following over the years, with back issues and Holiday specials now highly collectable.

Scream's sudden disappearance from the newsagents led to rumours of it being removed because of parents complaints, or being the victim of a strike.

'Its Ghastly' delves into the murky world of Scream with contributions from all of its editors, Barrie Tomlinson, Ian Rimmer and Simon Furman to uncover the truth of its demise.

Scream's six Holiday Specials come under scrutiny and uncovers the origins of such stories as 'Black Beth' and Dave Gibbons 'The Nightcomer' and also included is a cover recreation to issue 16, and the actual covers to 17,18, and 19.

The highlight is a complete 16 page Nightcomer's tale that was due to start probably in issue 18 of Scream but lay unpublished until now. Join Rick and Beth for one last supernatural adventure by Simon Furman and José Gonzales and much more in 'Its Ghastly', the ultimate Scream companion.

64 pages (10 in colour)

Saddle Stitched

What are you waiting for? Go order it! I know I have.

Hibernia Comics can be found on facebook here...

29 October 2016

new comics (1) - The Invincibles!

There seem to have been a whole host of new comics recently in the last few days so I thought we'd interrupt the advertising theme for a few days just so we can catch-up with what's out there.

First up is...The Invincibles, illustrated by David 'Roy of the Rovers' Sque this is the story of, well, I'll let the website ( tell you all about it...

In the summer of 1883, William Sudell set out on a quest, pure in honesty, extreme in vision.
What happened next would change the face of modern football, forever.

This is the story of a club – born of men from factories and mills – which blazed a trail through British football. A club fuelled by the ferocious ambition of one man, who garnered a team blessed with glorious talent and a sheer bloody-minded refusal to ever give in – a team that touched on perfection and passed into legend, forever to be called… INVINCIBLE.
Preston North End – The Rise Of The Invincibles, is the exciting full-colour, graphic history about the birth and early success of one of England’s most famous clubs.

Penned and created by local writer Michael Barrett, illustrated by Roy of the Rovers artist David Sque, and with a Foreword by former player and now BBC pundit Mark Lawrenson, this evocative book presents the days of the Invincibles as you have never seen them before.

11 chapters of glorious illustrations span the 1860s through to 1889; taking in along the way, the Industrial Revolution, the American Civil War, the Lancashire Cotton Famine and two Preston Guilds – thus naturally offering a social history alongside that of a football club. And as Prestonians know, this isn’t just any football club!

One of 12 founding members of the Football League, Preston North End were the first team to win the League and FA Cup double in the same season – a feat they achieved by going the whole campaign undefeated, whilst not conceding even one goal during their FA Cup run!

But it’s not this alone that sets them apart.

Over the years numerous records were broken for attendance, high scores and unbeaten runs, as North End’s scientific approach and innovative training took football to new levels. Yet, perhaps the most significant legacy of William Sudell and his team is the major role they played in the fight to legalise professionalism – a move that propelled football into the modern era and laid the foundations for the global phenomenon it is today.

Under the dictator-like control of Sudell, North End became an unstoppable force and supporters flocked in their thousands wherever they played. And now, thanks to the vibrant illustrations of David Sque, you too can witness the Invincibles in action! With a nod towards the comic books of the past, PRESTON NORTH END – THE RISE OF THE INVINCIBLES recalls the heady days of Victorian football, as famous players such as Fred Dewhurst, Nick Ross and Johnny Goodall leap out from the pages and breathe new life into a story we all know and love, but never witnessed.

all sounds unbeatable to me.
More about David Sque here

28 October 2016

Advertising Comics (4) - Chill

Published in the summer of 1994, this 16 pager gives over more than half its pages to John Richardson's artwork, all based around (of course) selling ice lollies. Bigger than A5 but not as big as A4 this turns up occasionally on ebay.

Here's a sample page of interior art

27 October 2016

Advertising comics (3) - Road Maniax, issue 2

So here's the cover to issue 2 (cover dated December 1995)

Story 1 art by Barrie Mitchell, script by Ian Rimmer and lettering by John Aldrich

Story 2 art by Peter Richardson, script by Ian Rimmer and lettering by Tom Frame

Story 3 art by Jon Haward, script by Ian Rimmer and lettering by Tom Frame
The centrespread is again by Jon Haward (as is the cover) - sadly, the 2nd and last issue.

26 October 2016

Advertising comics (2) - Road Maniax, issue 1

Published in late October 1995 by Fleetway Editions Ltd. this was a 2 issue mini-series promoting the Hot Wheels 'Road Maniax' brand (it seems to have been called 'Road Wars' in the USA - ebay shows items or sale under both brand names)

'Road Maniax' story illustrated by Jon Haward, script by Ian Rimmer and lettering by Tom Frame. Some good art by Jon Haward here, not as good as his 'Fear Pavilion' work but a cut above nonetheless.

'Taking Liberty' story illustrated by Peter Richardson, script by Ian Rimmer and lettering by Tom Frame. All the usual stylised ultra-violence that we saw in 'Streets of rage' is again all present and correct here

'Of machine and men' story illustrated by Barrie Mitchell, script by Ian Rimmer and lettering by Tom Frame. I'm used to seeing Barrie's work on football strips, so it's a very pleasant change to see him illustrating something different and something more adult.

Overall, this 24 page comic features art by 3 top-drawer names and is well worth tracking down.

25 October 2016

Advertising comics (1) - Havok

So here we have, presented free with 2000ad an "issue" of Havok.

Wikipedia ( tells me that Havok was a short-lived wargame created by Bluebird Toys in 1997. It was designed as a cheaper alternative to Warhammer 40,000 and was aimed at a younger audience. The key defining feature of Havok miniatures was the use of soft, flexible plastic in production, the hand pre-painted, pre-assembled models, 35mm plastic bases and decorative sticker for the models and bases, which meant that additional paints and glue was not necessary.

Why have we forgotten it then? Considered the main contributing factor was the fact that Havok expansion blisters could only be bought as one item from an Argos catalogue store, which meant that it was impossible for customers to purchase specific units, as all items had the same serial number and so were chosen randomly by the staff!

The back cover shows the game pieces all laid out.

Here's a set for sale on ebay

I've seen this particular issue of Havok for sale a couples of time - and had assumed it had lasted so well because it was produced in such large numbers as it was a freebie from 2000ad. However, this very useful listing of 2000ad free gifts

lets me know that this issue of Havok was free with prog 1036 (1/04/97) but that there were related freebies with prog1021-4, 1026, 1028 and 1032.
But all those prog dates are from December 1996 onwards, so too late for Christmas 1996 and too early for Christmas 1997

Here's the gift with prog 1026...

Theme week will be...Advertising comics

So comics that have been used to advertise all sorts of toys, games, food, you name it, let's see how many we can find. Feel free to post any comics you have that are advertising based.
Pop back later for the today's post - should be up by about 8:30

24 October 2016

London comics calendar - updated - 23/10/16

London comics calendar - updated 23 Oct 2016

Highlights include Dave Gibbons at forbidden Planet and a Shaky Kane signing

note that new items are highlighted in red

The story of British comics so far cor, by gum, zarjaz, The Lightbox, Woking, until 31/12/16

MCM London comiccon, 28/10/16-30/10/16  

Heroes and Villains, Cartoon Museum, until 30/10/16
An exhibition of art depicting real life, the cartoon and comic world that highlights those we love and those we love to hate. Featuring political cartoons, cartoon and comic strips, and caricatures, including some selected by celebrities and members of the public.

Pictures from Punch, Cartoon Museum, 2/11/16 – 22/01/17

Future shock, Cartoon Museum, from 25/01/17 -23/04/17

40 years of thrillpower – 1 day 2000ad festival, 11/02/17

Tove Jansson @ Dulwich picture gallery, Oct 2017

Comic marts

Royal National hotel

November 20th 2016

March 5th 2017

April 2nd 2017

July 2nd 2017

September 3rd 2017

October 1st 2017

November 5th 2017

December 3rd 2017

Launches / signings

Jorge Fornés signing Doctor Strange Prelude, Forbidden Planet megastore, 26/10/16, 6-7pm

 Matthew Rosenberg, writer of Black Mask Studios hits We Can Never Go Home and 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank, Gosh, 6-7pm 26/10/16

London Horror Comic #7 Launch & Signing (JP Kamath), Orbital comics, 29/10/16, all day

Jeff Lemire, 3/11/16, Gosh, 6-7pm

Ram V @ Orbital comics, 09/11/16

Faith Erin Hicks, 7/11/16, 6-7pm

Writer Cecil Castellucci on Saturday the 12th November, from 1-2pm @ Gosh

Noel Clarke signing The Troop, Forbidden Planet megastore, 12/11/16, 1-2pm

Marcelino Truong signing Such A Lovely Little War, Forbidden Planet megastore, 16/11/16, 6-7pm

Shaky Kane and C.S Baker signing @ Orbital comics, 19/11/16, 1pm

Dave Gibbons Signing Watchmen: Noir, Forbidden Planet megastore, 25/11/16, 6pm

Kieron Gillen and Kev Walker signing Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #1, Forbidden Planet megastore, 25/11/16, 6pm



She Lives – Live! [with Woodrow Phoenix] @ the cartoon museum, Saturday 29/10/16, 2pm

She Lives – Live! [with Woodrow Phoenix] @ the cartoon museum, Saturday 10/12/16, 2pm

Art ‘Maus’ Spiegelman at the Barbican, 11/11/16

Alan Moore talks to Stewart Lee 07/11/16

Where to buy original art

Good places to buy (second-hand) British comics [limited 2nd hand section but even so] [limited 2nd hand section but even so - also stocks small press titles]

23 October 2016

Hermann (4)

The last Hermann volume I have is quite a different beast.

Published by SAF comics (in Slovenia) in January 2004.

This is a 3 volume series, but SAF comics only published translations of volume 1 (shown here) and volume 2 (Good night, Nick!).

Contents are as follows:
  • 1. Strange Captain Bang (8 pages)
  • 2. A Very Mysterious Island (8 pages)
  • 3. In the Memory of Little Nemo (9 pages)
  • 4. Moby Dick and the Great Cacha (8 pages)
  • 5. Captain Bang's Zoo (8 pages)

  • These stories are much more gentle, much more whimsical then Hermann's usual work. Winsor McCay's seminal Little Nemo in Slumberland is a clear influence on these slight but fun stories.

    Front and back (wraparound) cover

    More details, as ever, here

    22 October 2016

    Hermann (3)

    Volume 2 of the 'Towers of Bois Maury' saga was the last to be published by Titan Books (this volume is from March 1989). There are 14 volumes in the saga in total.

    Led by a strange figure, half-man and half-beast, a horde of bloodthirsty pillagers loot and burn their way across the medieval countryside, ransacking the estates of rich landowners. Interrupting his continued quest for a return to his homelands, Sir Aymar de Bois-Maury come to the aid of the mysterious Eloise de Montgri as she prepares to fight the raiders.

    Front cover (design by Rian Hughes).

    Easily available on ebay,

    Interior page

    21 October 2016

    Action comic - 23rd October 1976 issue for sale

    There's a rare opportunity to bid for a copy of Action comic from 23rd October 1976. Considered by many to be the holy grail of British comic collecting this is the 2nd opportunity to acquire a rare copy of this comic in the last 6 months !

    Link is here...

    Note that the last issue that came up for sale eventually sold for £2555

    There's plenty of background on the issue itself (and the circumstance behind the previous copy to come up for sale here)

    Final hammer price? over £4,000!