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31 October 2019

Cartoon Museum announce 3 Laureates for one night only

Over here the Cartoon Museum have announced a great sounding event taking place on the evening of Wednesday 13th November 2019. here's what the Museum has to say about it...

For one night only we have the 2 past Comics Laureates along side the current Laureate.
We are happy to have Dave Gibbons (Watchmen), Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) and Hannah Berry (Livestock) all under one roof.    

What does a laureate do? Is it an honour to be asked? What is it like to wear a cape? They will be talking about all this an more.    
Talk hosted by Jason Atomic    

Ticket includes a chance to look round the gallery and check out the 'in focus' display on the 3 Laureates including the last 5 pages of The Walking Dead.

Tickets are £20 (£15 Concession) and are available here 

I looked at some of Charlie's very early work (from 1991) here and his 1996 work on (children's comic) Blue Moon here, here, here and here 

30 October 2019

Mario Capaldi - Sylvanian Families (part 2)

Continuing with my theme of 'Mario Capaldi - cover artist for Marvel UK' here's some more of his work for Original Sylvanian Families - previous parts can be found as follows...
part one is   

Original Sylvanian Families, Marvel UK comic, issue 6, 14th January 1989

Original Sylvanian Families, Marvel UK comic, issue 7, 14th January 1989

Original Sylvanian Families, Marvel UK comic, issue 8, 28th January 1989

Original Sylvanian Families, Marvel UK comic, issue 9, 11th February 1989

Original Sylvanian Families, Marvel UK comic, issue 10, 25th February 1989

29 October 2019

Gilbert Shelton signing & limited edition print announced

Gosh comics have recently announced (here) a signing with legendary comics creator Gilbert Shelton... 

As is says on their website...
We’re launching a brand new Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers print just in time for Christmas, and we thought what could be a better way to celebrate it than having Gilbert Shelton here to sign it? Yes that’s right, Gilbert Shelton will be here signing on Saturday November 23rd, 1-2pm!
One of the most iconic creators of the underground comics scene of the 1960’s, Shelton has been actively creating ever since. Few creators of the San Francisco underground movement could claim the cultural cachet that Shelton has, in particular the Freak Brothers looming large over an entire counter-culture as The Hilarious Stoner Comic That I Used To Have But Somebody Stole From Me (now conveniently available in a bumper omnibus edition!)
We’ve worked with Gilbert to create a print using artwork from a French edition of Freak Brothers that really captures the colourful, anarchic nature of the strip. We’ll be getting just 100 copies of the print signed, so don’t dilly-dally, pre-order one on our webstore now!

Gilbert will be here from 1-2pm on Saturday the 23rd November. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet one of the true comics legends. If for some unfortunate reason you can’t make it, then you can pre-order a signed copy of the Furry Freak Brothers Omnibus, Fat Freddy’s Cat Omnibus, Fifty Freakin' Years with the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Compendium or The Best of Wonder Warthog from our webstore for collection or mail order.

Poster from the last time Gilbert did a signing at Gosh...

28 October 2019

Rok the God Kickstarter ends this Friday

Still mulling over whether to back the Rok the God Kickstarter (here) but want even MORE bang for your buck? 

Never fear! John Wagner is here to explain all... 

We've been chided by backers for not offering enough options - Kickstarting is a steep learning curve for this old dog - so here are some optional add-ons to Rok your Socks!  I'm told you just add the extra cost onto your pledge and we sort it out at the survey stage.  Hope so.  I'm relying on you to know what you're doing, cos I don't!

ADD AN EXTRA £4 for postage UK,  £7 Europe, £10 RoW

Rok of the Reds graphic novel                   £20

Rok the God graphic novel                          £20

Rok the God graphic novel (BOLLAND cover)    £35

Signed John Wagner Judge Dredd script           £25

BRIAN BOLLAND A3 Poster                                    £15

SIMON BISLEY A3 ROK Poster                               £15


We'll do the shirt in any size.  Weren't going to do shirts at all but it will look so good with the new logo we couldn't resist.  We've also added a new pledge at a lower level so you can book the Rok the God graphic novel with the great Simon Bisley Rok print.
So those are add-ons on top of the original list of pledges that are avialble - seems like a great way to get hold of a Brain Bolland or a Simon Bisley print. The best kickstarter out there is here

27 October 2019

The champions - part 1

As it's Formula 1 this weekend I thought I'd hark back to an earlier era of motor-racing with this (A4-sized) oddity - The Champions - the exciting story of Matchbox team Surtees

So this is A4 sized, 14 page comic which looks like it has reprinted a whole advertising campaign from the pages of Tiger comic. 
Art is by John Vernon - he's uncredited but someone forgot to white out his initials (JV) in the final frame of episode one! 

26 October 2019

Black Crown party tonight @ Orbital comics

This party is tonight...have fun & check out the Philip Bond exhibition while you're there...

Orbital comics have announced some a great sounding night in-store on Saturday 26th October (plus the opening of a new exhibition) - let's see what they have to say...
...Orbital Comics proudly invites you to an enormous event with none other than curation operation Black Crown!
Founded in 2017 by Shelly Bond, Black Crown’s mission has been to harbour an environment wherein creators and creations commingle, corrupt and correlate to new comic book series. This alternative comics manifesto has lead to runaway successes, like Punks Not Dead, Kid Lobotomy, Assassinistas, Lodger, Femme Magnifique and of course Black Crown Quarterly.
The show kicks off at 6pm on Saturday 26th October with a mega signing, featuring a wealth of creators from the Black Crown talent pool, including….

…. then you’re invited to stick around for a free after-hours party running late into the evening. DJs, drinks and all manner of lush Black Crown swag to be had!
And! And! And! The party also doubles as launch night for a very special Philip Bond Retrospective Exhibition which will be adorning the walls of the Orbital Gallery. The exhibition runs until 27 November.
Needless to say, we’re absolutely thrilled to be hosting this total bonanza of Black Crown goodness. Saturday 26th of October, Orbital’s gonna be the place to be

25 October 2019

Mary & Bryan Talbot @ Gosh tomorrow

Don't forget that this it tomorrow people...

Gosh comics have announced (here) a signing with Mary & Bryan Talbot to celebrate the launch of their new graphic novel

Let's see what their website has to say...

The award-winning team of Mary & Bryan Talbot return with a stunning new graphic novel, Rain, and we’re thrilled to have them here signing copies on Saturday October 26th, 1-2pm!

Over the past 8 years or so UK comics legend Bryan Talbot and historian (and wife) Mary have created some truly landmark British graphic novels (in the truest sense of the term) with a body of work including Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, Sally Heathcote: Suffragette (with Kate Charlesworth), and The Red Virgin and the Vision of Utopia. Now they look to continue that trend with Rain, a book which looks at big issues on an intimate scale.

From acclaimed writer/historian Mary M Talbot and graphic-novel pioneer Bryan Talbot comes Rain, a chronicle of the growing relationship of two young women, one an environmental activist, set against the backdrop of the disastrous 2015 floods in northern England.

The wild Brontë moorlands are being criminally mismanaged as crops are being poisoned, and birds and animals are being slaughtered. While the characters are fictional, the tragedy is shockingly real.

Bryan and Mary will be here signing on Saturday October 26th, from 1-2pm. If you can’t make it but would like one of their books signed, you can pre-order a copy on our webstore now for collection or mail order.

24 October 2019

Treasury of British comics - 50% off sale

Treasury of British comics Halloween 50% off sale - whoop! Some bargaons to be nabbed here - link below...

on sale here at £7.49

on sale here at £5.49 

on sale here at £6.99 

on sale here at £6.49 

On sale here at £5.49 

On sale here at £8.99 

On sale here at £6.99

23 October 2019

Hugo Pratt draws Battler Britton

Via the medium of Amazon (here) Rebellion have 'announced' some details of the 2nd volume of their War Picture Library branded Hugo Pratt reprints. Priced at £14.99.

The Amazon blurb says...
Battler Britton is an air ace who is as skilled a fighter on land as in his Spitfire. In 1960 Hugo Pratt drew two of his adventures, Wagons of Gold and Rockets of Revenge, and they are reprinted here in graphic novel format for the first time.

Two fast-paced adventure stories featuring the classic British character, Battler Britton as he faces off against the Nazis

Wagons of gold is taken from Thriller picture library #297 (originally published December 1959, so, er, not published in 1960 then)

Rockets of Revenge is taken from the Battler Britton book 2, published in 1961 - so, er, not published in 1960 then either. Hey ho.

So in fact neither are from the War Picture Library title - odd!

This is the first volume - there's a very thorough review of it here

22 October 2019

Got a vintage Marshal Law t-shirt in your closet?

Over on that ebay (here) to be precise I've spotted a bit of comics merchandise that no self-respecting comic fan can surely (?) do without - yes, it's a (by the looks of it) vintage 1990s Marshal Law t-shirt...
As the seller notes...
Very rare, Hard To Find (HTF) collectable / collectible Original 1990’s Vintage UK Marshal Law / Toxic T-shirt.
This is one of the very first Merchandising items for this Character from Apocalypse Ltd. / Dark Horse comics. Owned from new and Bought direct via ads from the ORIGINAL RUN of TOXIC Comics in the UK. Note particularly the Toxic diamond logo on the front of the shirt. Also the colours are darker and more subtle than similar shirts that I’ve seen (my guess is that they brightened the colours on later prints to make him appear more like other super heroes for the American market - therefore entirely missing the satire and subversion inherent in this character). 

Very Good Vintage Condition - only slight wear of graphic around the edges. Label is missing and there are small holes under the armpits. There are two additional Tiny holes - one in the front and one in the back (please see photos for full details of condition). From smoke and pet free home. Sold As Seen.

...and all for bids starting from £90 (or offers) - happy bidding, I'll report back on how much it goes for

Note that the logo is actually that of 'Trident' not 'Toxic' comic.

21 October 2019

UPDATED: Swift picture books of

I recently acquired my first ever 'Swift picture book of...' - I've looked at Swift comic toys and collectables before (here and here) but it occurs to me that I've never really looked into this series of books. Right now I don't even know how many there are, but I think there's quite a lot, so let's have a quick google and see what I can find..

New additions denoted by red text

A Swift picture book ships [1960]

A Swift picture book emergency services of the world [1961]

A Swift picture book water creatures [1961]

A Swift picture book pageantry and customs [1960]

A Swift picture book Wild Animals and Birds of the World [1962]

A Swift picture book cars and trains [1959]

A Swift picture book British military uniforms [1962]

A Swift picture book space flight [1961]

A Swift picture book airlines and airports [1962]

A Swift picture book Horses and Ponies [1961]

Swift book of Pets

A Swift picture book Buses, Coaches and Lorries [1960]

A Swift picture book Wild Birds and Animals of Britain [1959]

A Swift picture book The Circus and the Fair [1960]

A Swift picture book The wild west [1962]

A Swift picture book Aircraft [this is the 1962 reprint of the 1959 original]

A Swift picture book Aircraft [1961]

A Swift picture book Motor Racing [1961]

A Swift picture book Ballet [1961]

A Swift picture book Trains of the world [1962]

A Swift picture book Transport oddities [1962]

A Swift picture book Cars of the world [1962]