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31 December 2020

UPDATED: Keith Burns covers for Commando

I first came across Keith Burns art when he illustrated the Titan comics Johnny Red series, since then he's just started illustrating Commando covers and the covers are fantastic. Here's the covers he's done so far...

Commando 5209 - American avenger

Commando 5215 - a matter of honour

Commando 5229 - shadow in the storm!

Commando 5241 - steel inferno

Commando 5251 - Radar raiders

Commando 5259 - Braddock

Commando 5267 - Braddock demons

Commando 5289 - the Wombat and the Tiger

Commando 5297 - fog of war

Commando 5299 - Sladen's promise

Commando 5307 - Stealing Stukas

Commando 5315 - Ironhide

Commando 5329 - Blitzkrieg west

Commando 5335 - Durand's Dunkirk

Commando 5337 - Dodger's Dunkirk

This issue is interconnected with issue 5337 Durand's Dunkirk but told from the perspective of the British fighting to stop their retreat.

Commando 5353 - Outgunned!

Commando 5355 - Bullseye Bruno

Commando 5377 - Third time lucky

Commando 5385 - The flying emu

Commando 5395 - HMAS Expendable

30 December 2020

UPDATED: The Beano & The Dandy jigsaws

Following on from recent jigsaws posts...

The Perishers jigsaws are here
2000AD jigsaws are here
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Swift jigsaws are here

...and because, even now, Christmas is the season of the largest jigsaw puzzle in the house. Anyway, my eye was caught by Beano / Dandy jigsaws and so I went to see what I could find. There are probably more but here's what I've found so far - if you know of more do just let me know... 

Gibsons jigsaw reference - G800

Gibsons jigsaw reference - G7015

Another Gibsons produced jigsaw - reference number unknown

Gibsons jigsaw reference - G7071 (I think!)

there's a Bash Street Kids jigsaw lurking at the back of this photo...

Jigsaws produced by MB

Jigsaws produced by Waddingtons

Jigsaws produced by Michael Shanfield

29 December 2020

Flintlock book 5 - John M Burns cover art

Steve 'Timebomb comics' Tanner has released this teaser image for the next issue of his comic series Flintlock - as you can see the (cover art only) has been produced by John M Burns...

As Time Bomb comics head honcho Steve Tanner says...

2020 has proven to be an awful year, but I'm hoping 2021 will be a better one for us all in one way or another.

One thing I am hoping will be considered a positive is the arrival of Flintlock Book Five, after a much too long gap since Book Four was released in the Autumn of 2019. It shouldn't be a surprise that the delay was covid related - all of Time Bomb's planned 2020 releases ended up being pushed back by a few months - but the good news is the wait for Book Five is almost over.

Current plans are for the Kickstarter to run through February for release in March, and you can sign up to receive notification of when the campaign opens by following this link: 

I hope you'll consider joining me for more 18th Century adventures. In many ways working with the artists to create the stories in Flintlock Book Five really helped me get through this year, and I'm looking forward to sharing what we've created together with you. 

Wishing you a positive, safe and ultimately happy 2021.

You can sign up for the 'pre-launch' notification on Kickstarter here

You can find TimeBomb comics here
You can follow TimeBomb comics on Twitter via @TimeBombComics

This isn't the first time that a British comics legend has graced the cover of Flintlock - Ian Kennedy was on the cover of issue 2

28 December 2020

UPDATED: Tintin calendars

Inspired by my post yesterday about Asterix calendars I suddenly wondered if there were a whole lot of Tintin calendars out there as well.

A quick search on ebay has turned up the following images - I'm sure there'll be more out there to discover so keep your eyes peeled for another post on this topic soon

Tintin calendar 2021

Tintin calendar 2020

Tintin calendar 2019

Tintin calendar 2018

Tintin calendar 2013

Tintin calendar 2011 & 2012

Tintin calendar 2009 & 2010

Tintin calendar 2007

Also from 2007, but not related to a specific year, is this birthday calendar..

Tintin calendar 1995

Tintin calendar 1994

Tintin calendar 1993

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