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30 December 2016

Transformers Generation 2 (issue 5)

Transformers Generation 2; issue 5 (last issue); dated February 1995, £1.50
Cover is by "Rob", as is the gatefold centrespread.

Continuing to reprint material from the US comic issue 5 (for more details see here) . This issue reprints the whole of the 'Power and the glory' strip.
Script by Simon Furman, pencils by Manny Galan, inks by Jim Amash, colours by Chia-Chi Wang. editing by Rob Tokar, Chief editing by Tom DeFalco.

Back cover
All in all then, 5 issues of which 2 were originated British material and 3 were straight reprint issues. And it only lasted 5 issues. So, not a great success all round then, but it's an interesting footnote in Fleetway's line of tie-in comics. Fortunately for them Sonic the comic was proving to be much more successful.

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