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13 September 2016

Comic news - Pat Mills writing novel with Kevin O'Neill

Pat Mills reveals he is writing a series of novels with Kevin O'Neill

In news that is sure to cause excitement amongst comic fans everywhere Pat Mills has revealed that he ha started writing a series of novels with Kevin O'Neill,

Writing on his Millsverse website ( he says

"...I'm in the middle of writing the first text novel in a series with Kevin O'Neill that could be described as a darkly humorous alternative history of UK comics publishing in the 1970s. And right this very week I'm writing the fictional account of how Misty was created. You could say, it's my own vision of how Misty could have been.

The novel series is called Read Em And Weep. Volume one is called Serial Killer. Did I mention that it's also a thriller?

If you're a fan of murder mysteries, flawed and eccentric characters, 70s nostalgia, insider knowledge on creating comics, childhood revenge, and film noir (it's got a lot of noir!), you'll probably like Read Em And Weep. It's due out in February 2017 and volume 2 will be published later the same year.

I'll be releasing more info over the next few months (look out for a cover reveal at the end of October), so click here if you want to stay in touch and get the latest news."

I can't wait for that, it sounds like a riot, I've signed up to the link Pat provided so will let you know when more details are revealed.

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