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28 April 2017

Bank holiday reading sorted - part 1

A quick trip to London last night allowed me to rush around a few (comic) shops where I managed to buy enough stuff to keep me busy over the forthcoming bank holiday weekend...

First up is 50p well spent in the bargain corner of Forbidden Planet megastore on Shaftesbury Avenue. This is an A5 sized volume of Marvel UK Transformer repeats. Bad news for me is that it's book 4 (of 5) so I won't actually be reading it this weekend. I have got volumes 2 and 3 but I want to get volumes 1 and 5 as well.

The latest issue of Comic Heroes magazine is now out, a quick flick through but nothing that grabs my attention hugely so far with regards to British creators / strips etc.

An indie press moment for me as the Beast Wagon draws to a close. If you haven't read this comic then it's hard to describe it adequately. It's has an amazing rhythm to it, a terrible sense of events spiralling out of control as man and beast struggle to stay on top of their animal desires. It's brilliant.

What I actually went to London for...the opening of The Inking Woman exhibition at the Cartoon Museum. Review and photos coming soon. More details here

What are you going to read this weekend then?


  1. Sparky Annual 1975 for starters, picked up in the local car boot. Then a few more from Valiant & Action!

  2. good effort sir! First boot fair of the season this weekend near me, hoping for similar goodies.