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14 June 2017

Swift novels

Swift magazine (the junior companion to the original Eagle magazine) published a number of tie-in books - mainly the 'Swift picture book of..." series. They also published 3 tie-in novels, shown here...

Smiley has an exciting life in the Australian bush with his friend Joey. But until Smiley Roams the Road, he has never seen the sea. When he does visit it, he finds himself in the thick of some of the most exciting adventures he has ever had. In and out of trouble all the time, he rides turtles in the surf, starts a fire, is chased by sharks. And those are just a few of the things he gets up to before he 
sets off on his travels with Old Restless, the tramp, and finishes up finally with a travelling fair. Readers of Swift will know Smiley already, and will enjoy reading this new adventure as much as I did - Marcus Morris.

Here is the first book ever about a character from the pages of Swift - that great favourite, Nicky Nobody. The story tells how Nicky receives a camera as a birthday present. he takes a photograph and, when it is developed, sees something on it which should not be there. Finding the solution to the mystery leads Nicky and his dog chum into an adventure in which the excitement lasts right up to the final page - Marcus Morris

Dixon of Dock Green was just settling down to watch his favourite football team win their first game of the new season at White Hart Lane when word came to him that the team manager's safe had been burgled. Dixon suddenly finds himself involved with a gang of international crooks, and the K plan, a secret football system designed to put nay team into the world-beater class. There is also the kidnap of a famous scientist. This Dixon adventure will thrill everyone who enjoys an exciting story.

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