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27 September 2017

The Tripods by John M Burns

Here's the John M Burns art for Tripods strip that ran in Beeb magazine. This is taken from issue 1. Format is the same across all issues of Beeb - i.e. two colour pages and then one black & white page.

If you're interested in seeing how the adventure continued than I can heartily recommend picking up some back issues of Beeb that, as it happens, I have listed for sale on ebay now....

Beeb 2 here

Beeb 3 here

Beeb 4 here

Beeb 7 here

Beeb 10 here

Beeb 11 here

Beeb 13 here

Beeb 15 here


  1. The format went to just two colour pages just before BEEB ended with issue 20.

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