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4 May 2019

Awesome comics podcast #200 raffle - all the best bits

This is a place to keep track of the best of the items that have been donated to the raffle that I'll be running at the live recording of the Awesome Comics podcast #200 (4th May, 2 Chairmen pub in Westminster, noon-5pm). The raffle is to raise money for Little Heroes.

You can donate NOW by sending money (via paypal) to [please don't miss out the underscore - acp 200 is someone else' yahoo address entirely]. Or just go the top of the blog and use the buttons there.

Or you can buy raffle tickets for your chance to win some of these amazing items; same paypal address [please don't miss out the underscore - acp200 is someone else's yahoo address entirely]. Or just go to the top of the blog and use the buttons there.

Overseas entrants are welcomed but..

a). Should you win, you will need to cover the cost of shipping the item to you.
b). if not paying in £ please add on sufficient to cover paypal's currency conversion fees (if you do not do this I will deduct the fees from your payment and you will not end up with as many tickets as you wanted!) 

Raffle tickets are priced at £10 for 10 tickets (or multiples thereof); again there are various options on the paypal button at the top of the blog.

1). Original Art
From Alfie Gallagher

From Russell Mark Olson - a page of 'Gateway City' original art

From the co-presenter of the Lakes comic art festival podcast - Nikki - here's the original art for the 'telescope' print

From Adam Falp

An 'Alex Automatic' pin-up from Fraser Campbell

Awesome comic sketches by Cliff Cumber
Murder Road
 Soho Red


Gareth Sleightholme has donated these are all original inks over pencils, all rubber-stamped and signed in pencil all done at A3 or a tad smaller... left to right from the top - Medusa, The Avengers, Brainiac and Kandor, Slaine, Foghorn Leghorn (as Kingpin) with Daredevil & Howard the Duck (I don't know why), Doc Savage, Hollow/Penance, The Flash & Santa... theres also a digital A3 print of my Roomhead sketch, its the only one ever rubber stamped like that, so even though its not an "original" sketch, it is a one off of sorts... the comic at the bottom right is just for scale...

from Nick Prolix Comix...the original art from Awesome Comics #3 - 11x17 inch Bristol board

Shit Flingers: Bestiary #1 Pencils from Simia Negotum Page 8 by Andrew Hartmann. Thanks to Jimmy Furlong

Shit Flingers: Bestiary #1 Inks and colours from Mad Gods & Monkey Men Page 6 by Tony Suleri. Thanks to Jimmy Furlong

Donated by the artist himself (Charles Hastings Raymond) this drawing is of Dr Sloan from 'Diagnosis: Murder'

The complete guide to what will be sold / raffled on 4th May can be found here

2). Comics with prints, Kickstarter exclusives - that sort of stuff really

A book, a poster and a bookmark - all from comics creator Samuel George London

From Charles Hastings Raymond

A complete set of Hardline comics

Shit Flingers: Bestiary #1 pack. All four variants inc. Super rare sketch cover with completed artifact on inside back cover.) and 2 art print set (double sided) with 3 of the 18 piece mosaic

Pure dead mental anthology comic and art prints

Cognition comics goodies

Shock value: Giallo - art print 
Spindly Man art print

3). Books, TPBs etc
These will be for sale on the day

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