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12 February 2021

Limited edition 'Charley's War' print - cheap?

If you fancied one of the limited edition Charley's War prints that Rebellion recently announced but were put off by the price (!) then you might be interested in a copy on ebay ending at 9:20pm tonight. It can be found here - be advised that the seller doesn't know why it's not numbered.

Here's the back of the print - which I hadn't seen before...

OK so the prints actually feature Charley's younger brother Wilf but whatever, these are the closest most of us will get to owning an original piece of Joe Colquhoun art.

The paper version (looks like 120 copies available) is available here for £75 and the limited edition (25 copies only) version on Bristol board is available here for £100

This page is taken from Battle #230 (from August 1979) 

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