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26 March 2021

Max Overload issue 2

Previously I've looked at Max Overload (1994, from the relatively short-lived publisher imprint Dark Horse International) - the 2nd issues, dated April 1994, has now arrived. There is no 3rd issue - due, according to this link, to Dark Horse International going bust in 1994.

Anyway, good luck tracking down this rare comic & gaming magazine's got 32 pages of comics content in a 64 page magazine so that's a pretty good ratio as far as I'm concerned.

Woodrow Phoenix draws the cover

Lemmings - art by Graham Manley, script by Dick Hansom [8 pages]

Toejam & Earl - art by Woodrow Phoenix, script by Anne Caulfield [8 pages]

Chuck rock - art by David Lyttleton, script by Cefn Ridout [8 pages]

Greendog - jaws, claws and dinosaurs - art by Ilya, script by Ian Carney [8 pages]

And here's the day when a camera crew turned up for filming...Anne Caulfield and Woodrow Phoenix looking very relaxed there...

Here's the back page advert for issue #3 - cover at by David Lyttleton

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