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7 December 2021

Bulldog Empire - Neill Cameron & Jason Cobley

After nearly 2,000 posts its seems hard to believe that I could have someone making their first appearance on the blog but it happens. In fact today we have two people on their blog debut - artist Neil 'Mega Robo Brothers' Cameron and author Jason Cobley.

They owe their appearance today to my recent purchase of these two comics from the estate of the friend of the blog, the much missed Colin Noble.

First up is Bulldog Empire #1 - this was produced in 2005 (priced at £2.95) and was a limited run of 200 copies. This particular copy is numbered 73. Cover (and interior) art is by Neill Cameron. Classic US comic size, black & white interior art, 32 pages (including covers). 

You get 20 pages of Bulldog empire and then 6 pages of Brittany Bell and her brilliant Bimech (by Neill Cameron & Stu Perrins).'s a wraparound cover & here's the back 

Here's issue 2 (front cover), this is from 2006 and was a limited print run of 150 copies (of which this is numbered 4). £3.95 for 44 pages of comics (black & white art by Neill Cameron throughout)

and the rear cover

The cover of issue 2 was re-used as the cover to 'The mammoth book of best new manga' in 2006. In fact that book reprinted all the Bulldog Empire material that had appeared in the standalone comics.

Barney also tells me that there were 8 pages of Bulldog empire in Judge Dredd megazine #253 (cover dated 9th January 2007)

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