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8 May 2022

UPDATED: Alan Grant & Jon Haward

Updates in red below...

A random ebay search last week highlighted this item - it's copyrighted to (artist) Jon Haward and (writer) Alan Grant.

The question is - what was the series? Was it something that was (un)published? If it was just an example of Jon's fantasy art (as the back cover of the image attests) then why in Alan credited on the front of the image? Is this some sort of universe that they came up with together?

The big white character with the looooong arms and the traffic cone hat must ring some bells with someone???

I can now, thanks to friend of the blog Reuben Willmott share the following information
As you can see this is issue 7 (dated July 1999) of Frank Frazetta fantasy illustrated and it contains a complete 16 page story by Haward and Grant (both of whom are name-checked on the cover) called "Hell comes to Elf-town"

Perhaps the original image I highlighted was intended as a print? Thanks again Reuben!

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