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2 March 2023

Redeye - Accent UK

To call Redeye a 'fanzine' might make you think of something a lot more amateur looking than it was. To call it a 'magazine' might make you think of glossy paper and full colour printing - and it didn't have that either. Instead, it sat someone in between those 2. A4 sized, colour covers, 60-100 pages long, absolutely jam-packed with news, reviews, interviews, retrospectives - with a real focus on British comics. Everything I could love in a magazine really. 

The fact that it was supposed to be quarterly but only came out about twice a year wasn't a problem because it was always full of stuff I wanted to read. It was printed with a really tiny font - thus meaning that it took even longer to get through your 60, 70, 80 pages of content.

Redeye, issue 1, ??, cover art by ??
cover image not to hand - can you help?

Redeye, issue 2, May 2004, cover art by Neill Cameron, 68 pages
Key features...interviews with Jason Cobley, Frazer Irving. Also material on David Lloyd, Dan Dare and Dave Gibbons.

Redeye, issue 3, November 2004, cover art by Grant Springford, 64 pages
Key features...interviews with Alan Grant, Paul Cornell. Also material on Brian Bolland, Dan Dare and Bristol 2004 convention report. 

Redeye, issue 4, May 2005, cover art by David Hitchcock, 80 pages
Key features...interviews with Jock, David Hitchcock, Ian Edgington, D'Israeli, Leah Moore, John Reppion & Shane Oakley. Also material on Action and the 2000AD art of Carlos Ezquerra.
Redeye, issue 5, Jan 2006, cover art by David Bircham, 96 pages
Key features...interviews with Tharg, Ian Edgington and D'Israeli. Also material on Starlord, Alan Moore in 2000AD and convention reports.

Redeye, issue 6, January 2007, cover art by Tom Gauld, 98 pages
Key features...interviews with Tom Gauld, Steve Yeowell and Lee Kennedy. Also material on the 2000AD art of Mike McMahon, the story of V for Vendetta and the Judge Dredd story 'Origins'. 

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