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10 August 2023


Here's an odd one for you, it's a yoof orientated magazine from Leeds Building Society (in 1988). I've highlighted issue 13 (thanks to Brandon Kapp on the '2000AD tat & chat' group on Facebook) for the Brian Bolland cover obviously...

Speakout #13, Summer 1988

Other issues don't have Bolland covers or indeed any comics related content at all. Here are a couple of examples.

Speakout #8, Spring 1987 1988

As the ebay seller says...
This was an unusual quarterly magazine produced by The Leeds
Building Society for the 'YOOF' of 1987 - hopefully enticing them
in as future savers. In style and content it is very derivative of
Smash Hits and No1 but considering this was produced and printed
in Leeds this was a passable effort in the Genre. This magazine was
distributed in branches and at Colleges and was a freebie...
To be fair the Leeds kept financial matters and advice out of
the publication (apart from an Add on the back page)..
The rest of the magazine's 30 pages was made up of very
reasonable content with interviews, charts and letters from
Readers.. Competently put together and graphically well ordered

Speakout #14, Autumn 1988


  1. An interesting item, but, given that I am a Canadian, what is a 'YOOF'?

    1. it's just slang for 'youth' - so this is a magazine for young people