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23 May 2024

The Blacksad books

On my 'to collect' list is certainly the Blacksad volumes by artist Juanjo Guarnido (see my feature on his sketchbooks here). I was a bit confused by the various editions of the books so i thought I'd work it all out to hlep me (and you!) out...

I'm indebted to this wikipedia page for helping me out with all of this...

The first story - Somewhere within the shadows

The second story - Arctic Nation

The 3rd story (Red soul) does not appear to have had an English-language translation.

This volume, from Dark Horse, collects the first 3 stories. I own this.

The 4th Blacksad story, A silent hell

The 5th Blacksad story - Amarillo

This volume (which is labelled as volume one actually collects the first two parts of the 6th story, They all fall down - in France these two parts appear to have come out as separate volumes).

There's currently no release date for parts 3 & 4 of the They all fall down story.

There's also this volume - the sketch files - to look out for. Same format as the first two books highlighted above. Seems rare, out of print and pricy!

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