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11 June 2024

The house of Hulton

I've looked before at Hulton House on Fleet Street (here) and somehow I also knew that there was an interesting book out there called 'The house of Hulton' but I didn't know anything much about it.

Anyway, I finally acquired a copy so I thought I'd share it here so you can all see what it look like...

So it's 28 pages (including covers) long, slightly smaller than A4 and is coloured black, white & red. It was published to celebrate the opening (on Fleet Street) of Hulton House (HH). Before HH was built the various titles produced by Hulton Press were produced in a number of smaller locations (in London). 

The booklet contains short articles on all the key titles for Hulton Press (Picture Post, Lilliput, The farmers weekly and the Eagle / Girl / Swift / Robin titles). I've scanned in the most comic related images from the booklet...

David Langson worked for Eagle

This is John 'Captain Pugwash' Ryan's story of the birth of Eagle - this has been seen before (albeit in black & white) in an old issue of Eagle Times so presenting it here in colour is a first!

 letterers hard at work

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