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1 July 2017

A Denis Gifford selection (2)

Following on from my post last week (here) about 2 of the smaller books he wrote, here are 3 more pocket-sized volumes that he contributed to...

Denis's ITV show. Cover shown (from left to right)...Graeme Garden, Michael Bentine, Bill Tidy [red jumper] and Rolf Harris. The cover is by Chas Sinclair. The book is mainly cartooning tips and drawings By Denis but features artwork form the other cover stars.

It does what is says on the tine this one, a quiz book all about TV, questions by Denis Gifford (presumably) cartoon art throughout is by Terry Wakefield (more details here)

Another legendary comedy duo get the punning treatment from Denis in this small volume. Illustrations this time are by George Parlett (son of Harry Parlett and brother to Reg Parlett)

Go on, collect the set, why not? All should be available relatively cheaply.

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