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22 July 2017

Famous 5 fun at Wisley

No, it;s not the name of one of those new-retro 'famous 5 go gluten-free' type books, this is a real thing happening throughout the Summer holidays at RHS Wisley gardens in Surrey.

Timed to co-incide with the 75th anniversary of the first Famous 5 book being published RHS Wisley are promising that from 22 July - 3 September, their summer activities have a Famous Five on a Garden Adventure theme - and we're all invited! Follow the self guided trail to crack the mystery of missing Uncle Quentin, sow cress for your egg sandwiches, watch amazing birds of prey in flight, and much more.

Free self-guided trail: Five go on a Garden Adventure The Kirrins are on holiday with Julian, Dick and Ann. Uncle Quentin has been called away by the secretive Ministry of Research on a rendezvous with a mysterious person at RHS Garden Wisley. He was expected back for tea, but there has been no word.....

Choose a character, pick up a free trail and set off around the garden to help crack the mystery, solving puzzles and gathering clues as you go!

Surely, this'll be the best book-themed kids activity near the A3 this summer?

There are plenty more details here

And then once you've got them all home you can introduce them to the wonders of Famous 5 comics - previously featured hereherehere and here

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